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From the Rector's Desk

As I write this, we are beginning Holy Week.  Yesterday, we conducted our Palm Sunday service in the Parish Hall.  It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces, and to marvel at how the little children (and some not so little) have grown since the Fall.  For those who were able to attend the service, it was a reminder of the great blessing of being together in our Lord’s house.  We have all deeply missed being with each other in the pandemic.  The pandemic came to the U.S. during the season of Lent, when Christians around the world remember the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus during the holy season of penitence before Easter.  Often people fast from certain pleasures, giving up things like chocolate or meat, in order to ground their spirits in prayer.  The pandemic imposed a special kind of “Lent.”  We were forced to give up many of our cherished pleasures in an involuntary fast imposed on us by the virus.  And yet, what happens when we fast is we become more deeply sensitized.  When we give up food, we appreciate it all the more, and we gain a deeper sense of solidarity with those whose stomaches ache with hunger because of poverty and injustice. Perhaps, in many ways, the pandemic has set before us a similar opportunity  of sensitivity.  My hope is that this season of social distancing leaves us with a hunger for community like never before.  I hope that the joy we felt at being together yesterday is a symptom of a new feeling.  My hope is that the pandemic gives us a new appreciation for each other and a new sensitivity, empathy, for those who are suffering.  I hope for a new commitment to heal the ills of our society and end poverty and injustice.  Hopefully, the pandemic is an invitation to reimagine the world and to insist that we cannot go back to “normal”.  Let us pray that the present darkness we are in is the beginning of  a new world.  Let us work to make it so and become “Doers of the Word.”

Peace,  Gene†