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Happy Harvest Festival Thanksgiving Y’all

A harvest festival is an annual celebration that occurs around the time of the main harvest of a given region. Given the differences in climate and crops around the world, harvest festivals typically feature feasting, both family and public, with foods that are drawn from crops that come to maturity around the time of the festival. In Britain, thanks have been given for successful harvests since pagan times. As Britain became predominately Christian, the harvest festivals began to reflect the religious faith of the people. Harvest festival is traditionally held on the Sunday near or of the Harvest Moon. The

celebrations on this day usually include singing hymns, praying and decorating churches with baskets of fruit and food in the festival known as Harvest Festival, Harvest Home, Harvest Thanksgiving, or Harvest Festival of Thanksgiving. Early English settlers took the idea of harvest

Thanksgiving to North America. The most famous one is the harvest Thanksgiving held by the Pilgrims in 1621. This first “American” Thanksgiving is thought of by many as a model for the Thanksgiving

event in our modern culture. Based on the Harvest festival history, it would seem that there is an innate human desire to show gratitude for the blessings of sustenance and preservation of the community. The

Bible teaches that it is important for those who would follow Christ to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness. In fact, believers are engaged to thank the Lord regardless of life circumstances, with

gratitude serving as a central theme in the human experience. One of the ways we do this in our community is to hold a community Thanksgiving worship service. This year’s ecumenical Thanksgiving Service will be held at 7:00 pm on Sunday, November 24th, at First Presbyterian

Church, Lumberton.

Join us as we “praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.”

(Psalm 69:30)