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Church Activities

Adult Choir

churchOur choir meets each Wednesday for rehearsal at 7 pm from September through May. They sing each Sunday at the 10:30 am Holy Eucharist and at all special services throughout the church year. Our Organist and Choirmaster, Lee Harris, is always pleased to receive inquiries about membership in the choir. Please email her at lee@trinitylumberton.nett or write to her in care of Trinity Church.

Extended Christmas Rehersal:

Saturday, December 3rd from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Youth Choir

Our youth choir performs for Youth Sunday in the spring, and other special occiasions as announced, such as Christmas and Easter.


Musically Speaking

churchI was reading scripture early one morning from the book of Ecclesiastes and, as often happens, ran across scripture that was the text of an anthem Trinity Choir has sung. The text sang to me throughout the day reminding me how easy it is to commit verses to memory through music. Certainly you have done the same with your favorite hymns. This particular scripture was listing “a time for every event under Heaven –.”
Verse 7b says “a time to be silent, and a time to speak.” How often do I take time to be silent, to listen to God speak through that silence? Most of us live noisy lives and we find it difficult to carve out quiet time with no distractions. But may I challenge you to set aside a “sacred place,” a place where you are free from noise, electronics, distractions and a place where a few minutes of quiet will allow you to face the day where its events are totally in His hands. That kind of peace can bring confidence that whatever the day brings you know that God is in charge. That’s all that matters.

It is now time for Trinity Choir to take a short hiatus from Wednesday rehearsals. That’s well deserved for they have worked diligently and been faithful each Sunday of the year. We practice now on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. in the choir loft. Come join us if you love to sing and want to enjoy the fellowship of a wonderful group of people. Thank you, Trinity Choir, for all you have done and continue to do!

We have a wonderful opportunity this August to experience the Church Music Conference from Thursday – Sunday, August 17 – 20 at Trinity Center. The clinician is Michael McCarthy, Director of Music at the Washington National Cathedral. Registrants will enjoy Morning Prayer, rehearsals, NoonDay Prayer, helpful workshops, Evening Prayer and Evensong, great food and accommodations, and a really crazy Saturday evening Talent Show showcasing the talents (rehearsed and unrehearsed) of those brave enough to sign up. The conference closes with a magnificent Eucharist and music from the 100+ voices of the Conference Choir at St. Francis By the Sea. To get more information, please visit the website: www. Oh, and by the way, spouses/significant others who are not singers are welcome to attend and enjoy the
beach, the pool, and the beautiful surroundings at Trinity Center. Deadline for registration is July 1. After that date the registration fee increases.

See you on Sunday!
Lee Harris